This Ramadhan is a historic moment for me as it is the very first time I am involved in a vehicle accident.

Before this, I was a passenger while my husband rode the motorbike to go everywhere. That was 3 years and never once did we have any accidents.

The date is 1st of June & it was on the 6th of Ramadhan.

Hubby picked me up from work as usual. We were in the centre lane and out of the blue a car hit us from the left. The car wanted to switch lanes but didn't bother to look carefully before proceeding. Actually, I saw the car and I knew the car was going to hit us but I was too shocked to warn my hubby.

It was so painful...

My husband tercampak to the front and I rolled to the back. We were about 100 meters away from each other.

The impact of the car injured most of my left part of the body.

Luckily, we didn't sustain any major injuries from the accident.

I don't know why I am feeling a little down, I am not sure if it is due to the accident. I guess I just need time.


Heyy guys. I am so swamped with life that I didn't sat down to write a blog post. 

But now, I am finally making time to write something that I have been meaning to write in a while.


"The veteran reality series hosted by Jeff Probst brings its 20 castaways to the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji for its 34th installment. This season's theme, "Game Changers," brings back castaways who helped evolve the game through their competitiveness and willingness to put it all on the line, who once again vie to outwit, outplay and outlast one another. The returning players include two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine, and two contestants making their fourth attempt at a win. In the end, one castaway earns the title of Sole Survivor".

As a kid, I have always loved to watch survivor, even now I still do watch it with my husband (who is also the fan of the show btw). 

As a kid, I watch Survivor for the drama that it entales. 

As an adult, I watch Sur…


I have a dream. (read: lots of dreams, but I will talk about only one today)

My dream may a small dream, but it is a dream nonetheless.

In 2011, during my SPM years, I went for a family UMRAH (minor pilgrimage to Makkah & Madinah, the holy land.

It was a wonderful experience. But I kind of ruined it by not being serious during the whole trip. By not being serious, I mean not making the most of my time there. 

I really miss it there too much that it hurts. My heart fills with regret that I didn't do my best. Sometimes I get dreams that it's azan in my dream, that I see the kaabah in front of me, that I sleep at a hotel near the kaabah. 

It feels like I want to cry now. 

I am not the type to sit and wait. By sit & wait, I mean wait for something good to happen, wait for life to take its course, wait for life to smile upon me... 

I am the type to stand up & get what I want. 

Even if I have to lose everything. 
Even if I have to give my all. 
Even if I don't sleep and eat. 


Movie Review: Split (2017)

Every since I was a kid, I loved being a potato couch 😆I love lazing around & watching good old movies. I am sure everyone loves that too!!

But lazing around, doesn't mean I stop thinking & enjoy the show. It actually stimulates my mind to think about deep, existential questions about humans, especially English movies! They make really good movies & there is always always a meaningful takeaway from the show. 

So, last two days, I browsed through and saw this interesting poster. 

The synopsis of the movie titled Split are as follows: 

Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all of the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him -- as well as everyone around him -- as the walls between his compartments sha…


Since I am technically working at a gym, we decided to do a video on 5 simple exercises one can do at home.

But, the video which was initially for my Youtube channel didn't turn out as how I wanted it to be.

So, instead here is a blog post about it!


Put one foot in front of the other & slowly move downwards. And repeatedly.

This exercise can strengthened your legs, and activate the glutes (butt). We spend our day mostly sitting down, pancaking our glutes and this practice can help to activate the muscles in the butt area!


An alternative to the forward lunges, both legs are parallel to one another and the person moves downwards about a few seconds before coming up again.

The benefit of this exercise is similar to the forward lunge.


Start off your fitness routine with baby steps. The normal push up is you do not bend your knee. But for beginners like us, I highly recommend putting this into your daily routine. 
This exercise can real…

How I met your Father Season 1 Episode 1

Kids.. This is a story about how I met your father..

It was September 2013. It was nice evening in Research Methodology class where two different souls sat together, learning the same materials.

A girl was loud and active and a guy was quiet and passive. The girl didn't notice the guy but notices some one else (read: her crush).

Fast forward in the next semester, the girl and the guy were also in the same class but this time, it's Physiological Psychology. The girl notices the guy this time as they were destined (more like forced) to be in the same group for a course project.


I remember the first time I noticed him. He introduced himself as 'Fadzel' and I told him to create a whatsapp group. At first glance, he looked handsome to me during our first chance meeting.

When he created the group, we were chatting with each other and he said, 'we are in the same RM group together...'. In my mind, I felt guilty because I did not even notice him at all!

Anyway, …



I am excited about this post! Finally, after a few months of thinking out loud and thinking again with sweet chubby hubby, finally, we are going to do it for real this time!!!

This week, I started thinking about ideas that we would like to share and finally ideas are becoming digital content! I am not going to spoil it for you so you have to subscribe to my channel and wait for it ;)

Currently, I have two (embarrassing) videos already uploaded. But this week we are going to be recording something. Stay tuned and please subscribe to my channel as a way to support us in this new project!
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